4 Trends in Hotel Design You Need to Know

17 - 07 - 2013

Interior Design students take note! The modern hotel is changing. Today's traveler is not the stodgy, old businessman of yesterday. It's not even the big bundle of chaos that family brought through last week.

In order to be in high demand, you'll have to understand the industry's current trends. Those styles, of course, are set by the biggest in the business. The movers and shakers bring their own visions to life and inspire chains and independent owners alike with their ability to enthrall guests.

One hallmark of budget hotels are the seascapes gracing the halls of every bedroom, the shell-bespeckled carpeting lining the floors, and the complete absence of nearby shores. Budgets care about looking like they make an effort. A hotel worth its nightly fee really fills the bill by creating an engaging interior. For today's client, that means introducing elements from the environment or local culture into the design.

Big on Bathrooms
While high-end resort hotels of the past ten years have relied on conserving bathroom space to provide extra sitting area, the new wave of hotels will see a complete reverse of this trend. (Typical, since much of the value in high-end changes rely on changes to be obvious.) Many new high-end hotels are being designed for privacy and relaxation, and a big part of that appeal is having a large, spa-like bathroom—or two. Today's guests want their lodging experience to be a step-up from what they have at home. With most new construction sporting en suites and master baths, his and hers is a practical luxury for investors to bank on.

Giving up Gimmicks
Top hotel designer Bill Bensley refers to another new trend as a return to good taste, as hotels turn away from the odd, attention gathering gimmicks like flashy neon hallway lighting and return to cool, classic interiors. Interest will come from good lighting, a rich assortment of high-quality artwork and comfortable, high-end accommodations, while the wild and weird quickly becomes old hat.

Green is Still Going Strong
Sustainability, on the other hand, will continue to grow in popularity. Consumers are speaking with their dollars. They realize that hotels can provide top-level luxury at less of a cost to the environment and have challenged the industry to do their best. They're rising to the occasion too, with some resorts cutting their waste by 80 percent and providing all their own power.